PVFD is composed of all volunteer members from our community. Each member exceeds the training requirement set by the office of West Virginia State Fire Marshal and West Virginia State Fire Commission. Many members have been trained as EMTs or Paramedics. Others carry specialization certificates such as vehicle and machinery rescue, rope rescue operations, and HAZMAT technicians.


Chief - Dave Utt

Deputy Chief/EMT - Nathan Barker

Assistant Chief/Paramedic - Ron Skidmore

Assistant Chief - Bob Byrne

Captain - Steven Barker

Captain - Mike Metz

Lieutenant - Rusty Gribble

Lieutenant - Raymond Hicks

Safety Officer/Paramedic - Shayne Brown

Firefighter - Kevin Hollen

Firefighter/Past Chief - John Green

Firefighter/EMT - Mike Fink

Firefighter - Shawn Alt

Chaplain - Bob Wilkins

Firefighter/EMT - Dylan Harper

Firefighter - Dave Casto

Firefighter - Shawn Phillips

Firefighter - Jeff Gribble

Firefighter - Dave Matko

Firefighter/EMT - Mark Fink

Firefighter - Sam Plum

Firefighter - John Cvechko

Firefighter - Jacob Summerfield

Firefighter/EMT - Adam Bomer

Firefighter - Cody Curkendall

Probationary Firefighter - Jill Phillips

Junior Firefighter - Corey Martin