What is a Fire Department ISO?

The Philippi Fire Department has received an ISO or Insurance Service Office – Public Protection Classification rating that could reduce homeowner insurance costs for local residents.

PVFD was evaluated by ISO, which evaluates fire departments and their resources. The result of that evaluation is an ISO Class 4.

Overall, the evaluation looked at three areas, including emergency communications and 911, the city's water supply as well as the overall department capabilities. The extensive review of PVFD included the geographic considerations related to the fire station location, boundaries served, existence of automatic aid and area served by fire hydrants or alternative water supplies. All are an important part in correctly classifying the fire department response.

A community’s investment in fire mitigation is a proven and reliable predictor of future fire losses. 


The PVFD is constantly reviewing and evaluating the community’s fire protection strengths and weaknesses and taking appropriate measures and training to improve the services that are provided.